ICAO Government Safety Inspector – Personnel Licensing

ICAO Government Safety Inspector – Personnel Licensing

The Government Safety Inspector – Personnel Licensing (GSI PEL) course is intended for Civil Aviation Authorities (CAAs) involved in developing or upgrading their own State licensing or PEL system. The course is designed for a group composed of personnel assigned to a CAA’s PEL office. Participants are taught how to establish and maintain a CAA PEL office, and factors to consider when obtaining services for the PEL system from an outside service provider. Participants will be instructed on how to develop knowledge tests for a licensing system and ensure the validity of the tests. Participants will learn the licensing process from application to issuance of a license, in addition to procedures for validation or conversion of a foreign license and suspension or revocation of a license. Classroom exercises will provide practice in how to determine if an applicant is eligible for the license sought, and if the license applicant successfully completed the demonstrations required for a license. The course is based on ICAO’s Standards and Recommended Practices (SARPs), Model Civil Aviation Regulations (MCARs), and technical guidance.


This course is designed for CAA licensing office staff, such as: flight crew licensing operations inspectors, maintenance licensing inspectors, and licensing officers or administrative licensing staff.


After having successfully completed GSI-PEL participants will be able to:

  • establish and maintain a CAA PEL system;
  • obtain knowledge testing services from an outside provider;
  • manage a knowledge testing system;
  • evaluate a license application for completeness and accuracy;
  • determine if an applicant is eligible for the license sought;
  • administer, grade, and document the results of knowledge tests;
  • conduct flight crew license skill tests;
  • conduct maintenance technician skill tests;
  • determine the appropriate document to be issued based on the skill test results;
  • validate and convert foreign licenses; and
  • suspend or revoke a license.


Duration: 15 days
Delivery Mode: Classroom
Language of instruction: English

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