CNS Antenna Systems

Course Aim:

  • To develop a solid foundation in Antenna theory and practice.
  • To obtain a basic understanding and insight of the installation and maintenance of antennas.

Course Duration:

2 Weeks.


Demonstrate competency of Antennas and their application and the ability, where applicable, to apply it and Demonstrate competency of Practical Measurement of antenna properties and specifications and the ability, where applicable, to apply it. 


The course will be conducted in the English language.


Overview of Antennas and their application, Transmission Lines, Antenna Fundamentals, Radio Wave propagation and to provide participants with the practical knowledge of Antenna Radiation pattern plots; Practical measurement of antenna properties and specifications; Practical use of various Test equipment related to antennas and the ability, where applicable, to apply it. 


The training methods employed will consist of classroom lectures, classroom discussions, practical exercises, and system analyses.

Contact Person:

To enrol on this course please contact Mr. Sibusiso Habile email: