Team Resource Management (TRM) Course

Course Aim:

To develop the learner’s pronunciation, grammar structure, vocabulary, fluency, comprehension, and interactions from Pre-Operational Level (Level 3) to Operational Level (Level 4).

Course Requirements:

It is essential that participants have a basic knowledge of written and spoken English (ICAO Level 3). 

Participants on this course will complete an oral and written test on entry to determine their current ICAO level.  A parallel test will be administered at the end of training. 


The course will be conducted in the English language.   French/English dictionaries will be used as aids.


The training methods employed will consist of classroom facilitation, small group work, use of language laboratory equipment for listening exercises, practical language tasks, video presentations, discussions and educational visits.   

ESL teaching methodology is utilized, which focuses on the four language areas of speaking, listening, reading and writing.  This methodology is based on a high degree of classroom participation and interaction. 

Contact Person:

To enrol on this course please contact Mr M Molapo, email: