Air Traffic Safety Electronic Personnel (ATSEP) Basic training course

Course Aim:

To provide participants with the fundamental knowledge of Human Factors and Safety Management concepts, synonymous with the ANSP environment, in partial fulfilment of the initial basic training need for Air Traffic Safety Electronics Personnel (ATSEP), in line with ICAO Doc 10057, Manual on Air Traffic Safety Electronics Personnel Competency-based Training and Assessment.

Course Duration:

5 Work Days.

Entry Requirements:

For candidates wishing to continue to become qualified ATSEP staff, a completed tertiary qualification, with a minimum of 160 credits, in Electronic/Electrical Engineering is required.
For ATSEP support staff, a basic knowledge in computers and
electronics is deemed the minimum entry requirement.


The course will be conducted in the English language.


The training methods employed will consist of facilitated classroom lectures, as well as individual and group learning sessions/assignments.

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