ATSEP Basic Training (Contact)

Course Aim:

To provide participants with the fundamental knowledge of the ANSP environment, by providing the initial basic training for Air Traffic Safety Electronics Personnel (ATSEP), in line with ICAO Doc 10057 – Initial training: Basic training.

Course Duration:

8 Weeks.


Participants will be able to demonstrate an understanding of the overall CNS/ATM technical and operational environment, an overview of the most important domain related systems and equipment, as well as the role of all the operators within this complex environment.


The course will be conducted in the English language.


Introduction to ATSEP, ANSP & Air Traffic Familiarisation, Intro to the Earth & weather, ANSP Maintenance procedures, CNS/ATM systems- Communications, CNS/ATM Data Communications, Navigations, Surveillance, Surveillance data processing, ANSP- Systems monitoring and control and Human factors and safety management. 


The training methods employed will consist of classroom lectures
and practical exercises.

Contact Person:

To enrol on this course please contact Mr. Sibusiso Habile email: