ATSEP Display and IT System: Advanced Communication Networks

Course Aim:

To equip participants with knowledge and skills regarding network configuration and administration to enable them to apply the acquired knowledge in Aeronautical and/or Avionics systems involving Information technology and data communication.

Course Duration:

2 Week


The participants should be able to demonstrate theoretical knowledge and necessary skills required in the Networking environment.


The course will be conducted in the English language.


Introduction to network configuration and administration, OSI model, Ethernet technology, Network devices, Spanning Tree Protocol (STP), IPv4 addressing and subnetting, TCP and UDP, IPv6 addressing, Introduction to 802.11 wireless, Router Components, Introduction to the Cisco IOS, Routing table and information, Classful vs. Classless routing, Enhanced Interior Gateway Protocol and VLANs, Access Lists and services.

Contact Person:

To enrol on this course please contact Mr. Sibusiso Habile email: